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      Updated readme · a05353fb
      Björn Butzin authored
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      Soundness and Usability improvements; Added feature: Arbitrary Resource Tags · 04264b32
      Björn Butzin authored
      fixed jcoap-example & jcoap-applications classpath to remain at Java 1.6
      removed outdated gradle build to maintain consistency
      added license information to maven pom of jcoap
      removed coapcache test implementation
      added CoapClientChannel.createRequest() signature to consume all mandatory information required for a sound request message.
      Thus it is not possible to create an unfinished request with this call.
      old createRequest(reliable?, CoapRequestCode); is marked as deprecated as it allows creating unsound requests.
      reordered the parameters for better human readability
      Added Method signature CoapMessage.setPayload(CoapData data) to soundly set the payload including corresponding media type.
      Changed the CoapResource interface by adding functions to add and remove arbitrary tags
      Changed BasicCoapResource to implement the interface changes. If a resource is set to be observeble a tag(flag) "obs" is added automatically
      Changed the core resource to append arbitrary tags to the resources
      further classes have been adapted to the changes mentioned above
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      Bugfixes: Multicast not allowed crash, test crash during build · ef0e34bb
      Björn Butzin authored
      jCoAP crashed when multicast was not allowed on a machine: Added Exception Handler, instead of a system failure, a warning is shown that jCoAP runs without multicast support
      fixed test setup: some static modifiers crashed the test and thus the build
      updated jcoap-core version to 1.1.2
      updated dependencies in all projects
      renamed all maven artifacts with a prefix "jcoap-" as otherwise generated jars are not identified with jcoap
      removed all snapshot endings in version numbers
      set all .settings to be ignored not just in root
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      Added RFC# note to readme · e599c777
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      cleaned maven build: · da534951
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      rename maven artifacts for clarification (now: org.ws4d.jcoap.core, org.ws4d.jcoap.examples, org.ws4d.jcoap.proxy)
      jcoap.core: removed jUnit4 dependency from classpath; was already part of maven build
      jcoap.examples: removed jcoap.core project dependency from classpath; added dependency to maven build
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